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EUROPE RENTAL is dedicated in providing quality car rentals at an affordable price and our customers can always find the best rate when booking direct on europerental.org. Great car rental deals at discount prices, with ever-changing specials, no wonder why so many reserve vehicles directly on europerental.org. At Europerental.org we do the work, so our customers can enjoy the perks!


Europerental.org based in Hersonissos CRETE has experience in the rental business since 1995. Our long term experience has provided us with the knowledge that the primary concern of visitors is to hire safe and reliable vehicles.
At Europerental.org, we recognize that each individual, family, party of friends or professional has different needs and preferences and we offer a large variety of choices. We will help anybody to choose a car on any taste, any case, and at acceptable price. And you can make traveling to Crete a more fun, stress-free experience with a rental vehicle from Europerental.org.

What does it take to rent a car?
Drivers Age:
Min age 19 years old . AllDrivers must have a valid driving licence .
Driving licence:
International,National or European licence at least 1 year at issue for all models.
Must be purchased by the renter.Your vehicle will be delivered with a certain amount of fuel and you will have to return it with the same amount.
The customer is liable for all traffic and parking violations.
Taxes in greece are 23% for the tax office and 0.5% municipal taxes.
Thirt party Insurance
Full Insurance
Theft Protection Insurance,personal acc.insurance.
All Insurance are void in the following cases:
When the driver consumes alcoholic drinks or takes any drugs or hallucinatory substances.
When Company’s vehicle is used off road, racing, motocross or any other reckless driving.
When Company’s vehicle is driven by a person not authorized on the rental agreemen.
When the agreed time of return has expired.
When the rented vehicle is driven by more passangers then the greek traffic law alowes.
When the rented vehicle has been moved from the exactly place of the accident.

All Insurance do not cover:
Damages caused from off road driving.
Any companys accesories.
Brocken or lost keys.
And any other damages caused from carelessness or wreckless driving of the customer.
Europerental.org Customer service:
24 Hours roadassistance all over crete island
free delivery and collection to hotel,airport(From Malia till Heraklion for any other destination that excced this area distance will be charged with the curent companys fee for further information please contact us)
Any information about crete
Special offers-discount:
weekend special deals
group deals-discount
student discount
long therm rental deals

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