buggy safari

You are the driver!!!
Our adventure starts from our premises in Hersonissos. After the safety briefing, we start the trip heading towards the traditional village of Old Hersonissos. As we pass through the square and continue towards the mountains, our route will go around the new reservoir built between the picturesque villages of Potamies and Avdou. Just before Potamies, about ten minutes into our journey, we ‘ll leave the tarmac and take the side roads. We ‘ll cross a dried out riverbed, pass through olive groves under the main road and continue up the mountains where we ‘ll have great photo opportunities of the dam.
We then continue on to Avdou. The route snakes through the narrow village streets of Gonies and climbs steeply up towards Lassithi Plateau. The off-road track offers new opportunities for amazing photographs and breathtaking scenery. Every 25-30 minutes we will stop for photographs and the chance to change drivers. During this time, the guide will inform you about the places we will visit.
About half-way to Lassithi plateau, we ‘ll come across the beautiful village of Kera, located on the side of the mountain and overlooking the villages below. We will reach the Kera Kardiotissa Monastery. The exact date of its foundation is unknown through it is believed the establishment of the monastery is connected with miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary, after which it takes its name (“kera” means “Our lady”). Following our spiritual break, the climb continues to an altitude of nearly 1000 metres where we ‘ll descend to the volcanic plateau of Lassithi. The majority of residents here are farmers, using only natural resources to make a living. Due to its volcanic origins, the land here is very fertile encouraging the cultivation of a variety of vegetables.
The next photo stop will be made at the lakes of Havga. The two lakes are the source of the freshwater supply of Lassithi plateau and collect the snow melt from the surrounding mountains.
Our trip will continue through the plateau, heading west towards the village of Psychro where the longest stop will be made for lunch at a family-run traditional taverna. Here we will enjoy the hospitality of the Halkiadakis family at the “Zeus Garden” tavern and you will be spoilt with the delicious taste of locally produced food and receive a genuine Cretan welcome. The menu is very simple – one giant pork or chicken souvlaki sitting on a bed of freshly peeled homegrown potatoes, a generous Greek salad with freshly sliced locally produced vegetables and a soft drink of your choice or water. As a starter, a variety of local cheeses will be served along with delicious olives, tomatoes and sun-dried bread. After eating and chatting, our adventure will be complete but not over!
As we travel on, we ‘ll change direction moving towards the mountain passage leading to the village of Kastamonitsa and eventually back to where our journey began.
A few more photo stops will be made as we travel, a significant one being at the monument of the local traitor Tsoulis. He was a wealthy Cretan from a Christian family who became Muslim during the Turkish domination and betrayed Christians by stealing crops from them, kidnapping beautiful girls and other such acts until seven Christians murdered him. He was so notorious that whenever people passed this place they threw stones and cursed him.
The final stretch of road will be the reminder that the end of this adventure is in sight but the chance to have been a part of it will stay with you for a long time to come.
The event includes:
• Transfer from/to hotel
• All taxes and insurance
• All equipment such as helmets, gloves and overalls
• Food and drinks
• Fuel
Price: €135
 The adventure starts daily from 10:00 and ends around 17.00
 The track is approximately 100kms and is 60-70% off-road!
 Suitable for everyone holding a full driver’s licence

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