escape rooms

Alternative entertainment hall…
Accept the challenge….
Who can play?
• Generally everyone can play above the age of 12 (no restrictions). Children must be accompanied.
• Friends and families.
• Tourists and travelers
• Gamers

Working days & hours
• We are open every day from April to October. For working hours, please visit our website www.escape13.com or call us at +30 28970 22313.
• Knossos Mysteries: 50 minutes to feel like the most famous archaeologist (1-5 persons)
• Dark Room: An empty Dark Room full of secrets…(1-5 persons)
• Detective Case: Prove your abilities and be the famous Detective’s new partner (1-5 persons)
• Room 13: You get in the small town’s hotel elevator…(1-5 persons)
“Oh my god”…
“What is happening”…
“Where am I”…
• VR Cabins: The latest virtual reality experience unique in the world (1 player per cabin)
VR Experience
Next generation virtual reality
The rift is unlike anything you ‘ve ever experienced. Whether you ‘re stepping into your favorite game, watching an immersive VR movie on the other side of the world. You ‘ll feel like you’re really there.
• The world ‘s most recent VR technology next to you
• Drive a sport car or fly in space or just play your favorite pc game.
• Try our special designed cabins.

Get into the story quickly, use your imagination as well as your logic, critical thinking, your knowledge and team power. Look for the hints, use your time wisely…then you may manage to escape….
Room Prices
1 person/1 game: €30
2 persons/1 game: €39
3 persons/1 game: €52.50
4. persons/1 game: €60
5 persons/1 game: €67.50
VR Experience prices (any game)
30’ min: €10 per person
60’ min: €15 per person
90’ min: €25 per person
120’ min: €30 per person
150’ min: €40 per person
Feel the excitement!!!

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